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When you're ready, we're ready.

'Bringing you over 30 years experience and delivering results'

A message from Scott Morrison, director of M Boutique Real Estate:


It has been 4 years since M Boutique Real Estate opened its doors in 2020, and a lot has happened!


We have sold over 200 properties, established ourselves as the premier land specialist in and around the Launceston area, and recently opened our own property management division to again fill a niche in the market for vendors looking for a mature and experienced operator.


I started selling real estate when interest rates were 18% in the early 1990s. I have witnessed and participated in many major upheavals in the market; two major property booms, a world-wide pandemic lockdown, numerous changes of government, and interest rate movements both up and down.


All these life experiences combined allow me to take the stress out of selling, as I have seen it all before. I do not have all the answers, but there is no substitute for experience.


And now?


M Boutique Real Estate is transitioning to Morrison Real Estate.


Why the name change?


The worst of Covid has come and gone, and finally my name's sake, ex-Prime Minister ‘Scott Morrison’ has retired and has moved out of public life allowing me to claim back my name without political bias! To all who have emailed me over the last few years criticising my political views, "I'm not that guy"!


The Morrison name has been synonymous with real estate in Launceston for over a generation. When you ring Morrison Real Estate you get 30 plus years of experience to assist you in the sale of your property, or the management of your rental. You are not passed onto an assistant, or made a number in the stepping stone of a career.


When you think real estate, think Morrison, ‘Scott Morrison’.


I look forward to being of assistance to the next generation of sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants, and of course to all my past and current clients.


Thank you for being part of our story.



Warm regards,



Scott Morrison M Boutique Real Estate
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